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Joint News Release: CurifyLabs and Natural Machines partner to deliver a platform for producing personalized drug treatments

  • Producing personalized medicines for human and veterinary patients, on-site in pharmacies and hospitals
  • Offering includes a pharma compliant 3D printer
  • Enabling personalized drug dosing to meet the individual needs of different patients in terms of dosage, shape, size and treatment combinations

Helsinki, Finland, and Barcelona, Spain – 27th of February 2022 – CurifyLabs and Natural Machines announced their strategic partnership in developing a technology that enables customized medicine production through 3D printing.

Compounding is the manual preparation of individualized drug treatments for patients where an optimal treatment cannot be achieved with the currently available medicinal products. There are many talented pharmacists who are able to compound drugs manually but the process is ineffective and lacks quality control.

This partnership aims to develop a unique solution that optimizes and automates the compounding process in pharmacies and hospitals, by utilizing 3D printers. CurifyLabs will commercialize the solution on a global scale.

“With this partnership we are developing a unique Medicine-as-a-Service concept for pharmacy compounding, and we believe that our partnership with Natural Machines will bring an affordable and superior 3D printing platform to the market. Together we can revolutionize the industry within personalized medicine offering localized, on-demand drug manufacturing.”, says Charlotta Topelius, CEO, CurifyLabs.

“Our initial pilots have proved the potential to print personalized medicines based on CurifyLabs’ pharmaceutical formulations. We continue to focus on adapting the technology to establish a new approach for personalized medicine for our customers, based on pharma grade ingredients and integrated quality control”, says Niklas Sandler Topelius, Chief Scientific Officer, CurifyLabs.

“Our partnership with CurifyLabs will help us to grow our portfolio. At Natural Machines, we have solutions for the food sector and the personal care industry, and now with this strategic partnership we add the pharmaceutical field. This partnership will leverage both CurifyLabs’ experience and latest developments in pharma with our extensive 3D printing expertise, providing a new solution that aligns with the growing global trend of product personalization.”, says Emilio Sepulveda, CEO of Natural Machines.

CurifyLabs and Natural Machines aim to introduce the technology to the market globally during 2022.

About CurifyLabs

Through modernizing the drug compounding process in pharmacies CurifyLabs enables sustainable, on-demand manufacture of medicines, customized to provide safe and effective treatment for all patients. CurifyLabs is committed to automating and streamlining the drug compounding process enabling personalization of drug treatments to better fit the need of each specific patient. Our goal is to maximize the personalization potential of drug treatments for better patient outcomes. Our technology is based on over 10 years of extensive academic research conducted by professor Niklas Sandler Topelius and his research group. Today CurifyLabs serves pharmacies on several European markets with a talented team of pharmaceutical formulation developers, software engineers and quality control experts. Further information at

About Natural Machines

Natural Machines accelerates the use of 3D printing in several industries, enabling companies to treat their consumers as individuals - not mass market consumers - by providing personalized products on demand. Our solutions make products at the point of consumption, personalized for each individual. We help further the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Production and Consumption. Founded in 2012, Natural Machines’ first released product is Foodini, a 3D food printing kitchen appliance. Foodini is selling globally, currently focused on the B2B(2C)/professional space. Further information at

CurifyLabs Media Contact:

Charlotta Topelius
Founder & CEO
Phone: +358 400 188781

Natural Machines Media Contact:

Lynette Kucsma
Co-Founder & CMO

High res photos and a PDF of the press release can be found here.

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