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TECFOOD investigates new foods for 3D printing

Currently there is great scientific evidence about the importance of good eating habits for the maintenance of health and for the prevention of diseases. In recent years science has studied how different components of food affect the balance of the body to maintain good health. Thus, health is one of the main concepts that the consumer has in mind when filling their shopping carts.

Secondly, society does not reject new food concepts that are innovative and adapted to current lifestyles. In this sense, the industry responds with the launch of new food formats - foods with new flavors and textures - which are ready to eat.

In this context the Food+i Cluster promotes the TECFOOD project, which has come to an end in 2022. For four years the project investigated the creation of new healthy food products that meet consumer demand. The star technology of the project being 3D food printing with a cooking and sanitation system, and software for the preparation of previously designed dishes. Food preparations integrated into sustainable cartridges adapted to the printing machine ensured a healthy and balanced diet.

The TECFOOD project is promoted by a group of seven companies: UVE, S.A., INDUKERN, S.A., COOPERATIVA CLUN, DCOOP S. COOP AND, ITC Packaging, S.L.U., CONGELADOS NORIBERICA, S.A. and NATURAL MACHINES, S.L., who have joined forces to investigate the industrial processing of new technologically advanced products balanced from a nutritional point of view, in innovative formats.

To achieve the results of the project the business consortium has relied on collaboration with technology centers and universities with extensive experience in research in the food sector: TECNALIA, CTIC-CITA, AIMPLAS, LEITAT, ANFACO, UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA OF BARCELONA, UNIVERSITY OF VIGO and EURECAT.

The project has been financed by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) in the CIEN Strategic Projects program and has lasted 4 years.

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